Host Your Next Team-Building Exercise or Party at Social Imprints

As an award-winning international social enterprise and custom print company, we are committed to the mission of providing higher-paying professional jobs to at-risk adults in need of a second chance.

Since 2008, Social Imprints has been the go-to branding company for many of the nation’s top brands – but now, our services are expanding.

Traditionally, we’ve used our 10,000 sq. ft. San Francisco facility for screen printing, heat transfer, foil printing, custom packaging, split shipping, kitting, and apparel finishing. But we figured with all this space, why not add more services to the list by hosting parties or events? We’ve thrown successful parties before, and as a social enterprise, we’re committed to maximizing improvements in human and environmental well-being – and what better way to do that than a party?

Thus, the Totes Goats event was born.

Social Imprints partnered with 1UpEvents to host a kick-off party called Totes Goats for a company named Certain.

Our large warehouse served as a prime party spot for serving food, drinks, and goats! As you can see, every detail was carefully considered: from serving Goat Hill Pizza and goat cookies, to bringing in miniature goats to compliment the live-printed totes!

Though the event was scheduled to begin at 6, attendants were eager to get the party started, and soon the warehouse was full of lively chatter, great food, and smiles all around.

And while attendants partied the night away, our team worked our printing press to create Certain’s fabulous tote bags.

Did we mention the adorable baby goat too?

Needless to say, the event was a complete success, leaving the client Certain happy and beginning a beautiful partnership with 1UpEvents.

Why choose Social Imprints for a venue? Take it from Samantha Perlman, the co-founder and CEO of 1UpEvents:

“Most people if they don’t know Social Imprints by name, they’ve definitely seen or are probably currently wearing their sweatshirts or t-shirts. So, it’s kind of amazing to come see where the magic happens, learn how to actually screen print and see where their tote bags and t-shirts or other things are coming from.”

Our 85% customer satisfaction rate just keeps on growing.

Check out 1UpEvents for your own custom goat party or more, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

Want some tips for Event Management? We’re always happy to help.


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