Motivate Your Employees With Swag

There’s a reason why #mondaymotivation trends every week on Twitter.

You can have the greatest idea, the greatest product, service, and execution – however – unless you’re superhuman and able to manage all of those things by yourself, odds are you have employees to help you out. While you may think a paycheck is enough to motivate your employees out of bed every morning, it’s not necessarily that simple.

Job performance is measured by two indicators: motivation and ability. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, the most engaged, loyal and positive employees were ones that felt their emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual needs were being met at the office.

employee recognition

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With the right swag program in place, your company will be able to achieve all its goals, and keep a happy and productive workforce. Ultimately, this reward system will help encourage behaviors you’d like to see in your company culture while recognizing hard work and giving credit where credit is due.

Here are a couple ideas of swag reward programs you can implement in your company.

Swag for personal development
One way to encourage a healthy mental and physical state of being is taking the action to better yourself. Whether it’s joining a gym, purchasing work out equipment, reducing blood pressure or eating healthier, you can utilize a rewards system that tracks points towards a corporate health and wellness goal. As the points add up, higher quality swag can be redeemed. For example, an aluminum water bottle for lower-tier points can become a snowboarding jacket as you collect more points.

swag for employee recognition

Swag for improved company practices

Is your company trying to reduce paper? Recycle more often? Eliminate waste? If so, reward the employees that are recognizing this change and making an effort to abide by it. Sometimes change can be hard, but getting rewarded for something that is ultimately for the better definitely makes the transition easier.

You can offer a swag-tastic reward if the employee adopts the change immediately. Or, you can wait until the end of the year and add it to a bonus.

employee recognition swag

Swag for great teamwork

Some jobs can’t be done alone, and by working towards a common reward, teamwork is likely to increase while boosting comradery amongst department members. You can reward team swag at the end of a quarterly review or at the completion of a successful project. Nothing like matching swag to solidify bonds among team members.

employee recognition swag

Swag for great individual work

It may take time for teamwork swag to be recognized in your company, so you can still reward individual achievements, in the meantime. Rather than team goals, perhaps the swag gift could be given for achieving a personal or a company goal. Recognition is one of the most important features when increasing employee motivation and engagement with a company, so pair this with great teamwork swag and motivation levels are sure to increase.

employee recognition incentives

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Swag for milestones

Did someone reach their first-year anniversary? Thank them for reaching this important milestone with some new swag! It’s a great way to show the value of their service so far, as well as commending them for growing as a professional, within your company.
Together, this practice helps with employee retention while making individuals feel appreciated for the company remembering their hire date. And naturally, the more years to the company, the better the swag should be. Want to make it even more special? Let employees personalize their swag, for special occasions.

employee recognition swag

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