Attract Top Talent With Branded Swag

There are countless strategies that you can employ when trying to bring top talent to your company. For example, you can facilitate a great company culture, have enticing benefits, offer great perks and bonuses, or have a generous PTO system.

But one tactic isn’t commonly used, though just as effective: attracting top talent with branded swag.

employee recognition

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The benefits of the right swag are tremendous. Ultimately, during the start of the recruitment process, swag is a great way to remind applicants about your brand. The type of swag you give out can also reflect your company culture.

For example, perhaps your company likes to fulfill your employees’ practical needs, thus you have practical items such as hats, notebooks, pens or laptop sleeves. On the other hand, perhaps your office culture is more lighthearted and easy going, so your swag items veer more towards headphones, speakers, hoodies or socks.   

employee recruitment swag items

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Overall, having swag ready to give during job fairs or trade shows will help prospective members feel part of the company, while also encouraging them to talk about your company to their peers. The power of word-of-mouth advertising is influential, and strategic swag can certainly be a conversation starter.

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In addition, simply enticing an applicant by saying one of them may receive a swag-tastic speaker through applying to join your company can also increase the number of resumes in your inbox.

Using swag to attract top talent to simply apply doesn’t have to end there. Now that you have accomplished one goal – building interest in your company through applications to join – use swag to reel them in when you make an offer.

A great way to do this is through new hire kits.

employee new hire gifts

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New hire kits are one of the best ways to assimilate a new team member into your company culture. Not only are you officially welcoming them to the team, but you’re also being thoughtful and supportive for the new hire’s onboarding journey.

In addition, if your employee is really proud to be working at your company, you can bet that they’ll be sporting their branded hoodies, t-shirts, hats, tees, USB drives, headphones, etc. to and from their work commute, and even more if they dine out or get together with friends. That’s plenty of opportunity for free advertising, not to mention you’re building a company culture that extends beyond the office.

New hire kits can then translate into a variety of kits. You can do holiday kits, maternity/paternity leave kits, annual or quarterly kits, and more. Perhaps offer a reward for those that collect the most company swag. Swag is meant to be fun and trendy, so reflect those values in your company workplace.

employee appreciation kits

It’s bound to not only attract quality talent but retain a happy workforce as well.

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