The Best Products for Recruiting College Students

There’s a new crop of millennials entering the job market and according to a study by UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and the YEC this group is very ambitious, with many placing an importance on jobs with chances for career progression and personal growth.

With all this untapped potential within your reach, you need proper incentives to get college students interested in your company. I know what you might be thinking: time to crank out t-shirts, water bottles, pens and drawstring bags. That’s not a bad strategy, but it’s not a great one either. It’s going to prove challenging to stand out amongst the crowd when you’re only offering standard giveaway items to top tier talent.

top recruiting products

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To make the best impression, you need to have products that are unique and memorable. This might be easier said than done, considering “unique” and “memorable” can mean a variety of things.

First ask yourself this: What does our brand stand for? Giveaways are the perfect chance to show your company’s brand and message, not to mention promotional products are a proven way to boost booth traffic during career fairs.

Consider these unique and memorable giveaways options for recent grads at your next recruiting event.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.43.31 AM

2.  Highlighter Stylus Pen

Here is a great example of a unique and interactive item. The title speaks for itself – this is a highlighter, pen, and stylus all in one. Considering every student will use a writing instrument at some point in their academic and professional careers, and will definitely use a tablet at some point, this is a great recruiting product to give to college students.

2.  Four Chapters of Stickies

best recruiting giveaways

Another great useful, interactive item. No better way to have your brand “stick” in students’ minds by having a branded sticky notebook. Every time they or a friend needs a sticky note, your company logo will be front and center.

3.  Socks


Best recruiting giveaways

A staple in college culture is cozying up with your favorite blanket and laptop, and “Netflixing” the night away. Contribute to this wholesome tradition by offering your warm, customizable socks. Pick your company colors or pattern as the sock design, and you’re good to go.

4.  Discs

best recruiting giveaways

Where there’s a lawn or open field of grass, there will be college students throwing a Frisbee. This cost-effective option is certainly unique and memorable as it acts as a great opportunity for students to make new friends and relax with current ones.

5.  Book Lights best recruiting giveaways

Late night studying and be considerate of your roommates? Check and check. This recruiting product would definitely attract a crowd to your booth at any career fair simply based on its usefulness and its unique presence. Get ahead of the game by ordering your custom book lights today.

As you can see from the items previously listed, all of them are not only unique and interactive but also serve a vital purpose to a college student. This is the strategy to employ when considering recruiting products. The more useful your giveaways are, the more brand awareness and connection to people, and possible future hires you will have. will be coming back to see what you have next time.

Need to prepare for your next career fair? See what we can do for you.

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