Top New Hire Ideas of 2017

In 2017, the job market is expected to continue to flourish with new openings. This means more financial stability for new hires, and more opportunities for your company to recruit top-tier talent.

At the end of your search, nothing feels better than knowing you’ve chosen your ideal candidate. But if you’re a recruiter, your job isn’t over quite yet. Now that you’ve acquired a new hire, it’s time to give them the best first day of their career – or rival it. After all, the worst thing you can do is make a new hire second guess their decision to join your team.

If you take the time to make your new hire’s onboarding and immersion into your company culture successful, the return on investment will certainly pay off.

Brand Your Company Culture

top recruiting ideas

Decorate the new hire’s desk

Deck out the new hire’s desk with office supplies, balloons, a welcome sign, catered breakfast or treats – whatever would make you feel welcome in an unknown environment.

Make a welcome sign

Make a welcome sign and get everyone from the department (or company) to sign it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate (although that certainly doesn’t hurt!) – just seeing everyone’s personalized handwriting will make your new hire feel recognized and acknowledged by everyone in the company.


Send an email to the company introducing the new hire

When someone says, “Tell me about yourself,” some of us draw a blank, especially if we’re asked in front of a crowd of strangers. So rather than holding a company or department-wide meeting where the new hire introduces themselves, do it for them in an email.

Include their name and pronunciation (so people can get that right off the bat), their work history, and personal information too. It’s not all work and no play. Ask them about where they’re from, their hobbies, favorite movies, spirit animal, etc. This creates a more multidimensional introduction to the new hire and saves them the time of repeating this introduction to each person they meet.

Give the new hire company swag

Everyone loves free merchandise, and nothing boosts company morale more than proudly boasting fresh company gear. You can make the company swag even more special by personalizing it to the new hire’s role, or if it holds special significance, to the company’s history.

on boardingHave a company or department wide breakfast or lunch.

Just like how everyone loves free merchandise, everyone loves free food. It’s a great way to start or leave your first day with a full stomach. Also, it provides an opportunity to informally socialize with everyone while sharing information about themselves.

Assign a buddy/mentor for every new hire

Every company is different, and sometimes, the new hire may be too timid or reluctant to ask all their questions to their manager. This is where a buddy or mentor fits in perfectly. By building a trustworthy relationship with a co-worker who has more experience within the company, this mentor can help guide the newcomer into the company culture and company traditions. As a result, the new hire can better adapt and grow within the team.

on boarding

Have one-on-one meetings

This can be with anyone from the new hire’s manager, to an HR manager, to a designated onboarding recruiter, or their mentor. Regardless, the purpose of this is for the new hire to have time dedicated to them to learn about the company, its history, its values, and its purpose. In addition, time should be allotted for the new hire to learn practical things such as pay schedule, hours of operation, how to sign up for benefits, and any other things they will need during their onboarding process.

Use these tips as a guide and you’re bound to have one happy new hire and, most importantly, another productive team member.

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