Best Packaging Ideas

If you think packaging doesn’t have any influence on your product, think again my friend. Packaging design gives brands a physical, tangle presence to consumers, making an emotional connection and influencing the decision to engage. There are case studies, university courses and workbooks dedicated to packaging design – that’s how important it is to your brand and your overall bottom line.

Packaging design is especially crucial when you run a webstore. With e-commerce, there’s no catching a glimpse of your product along the aisle, when your presence is virtual, so you need to make your first impression a lasting one. When your product arrives at your customer’s door, and they tear away at the shipping box or envelope in search of it, what are they going to see?

Best Packaging Ideas

Consider these best practices when it comes to excellent package design:

Clarity and Simplicity

Aim for the design to demonstrate what your product is, and what it’s purpose or benefit is.


 Don’t show a titanium sports bottle with sheer and shine if you’re really selling a plain plastic one. Basically, don’t set a quality standard that you won’t deliver.

Best Packaging Ideas


Product packaging designs should allow for line extensions (a.k.a. product variations) or sub-brands.

This means that if any changes need to be made to your product or logo, your design is flexible and adaptable. No need to go back to the drawing board when you have a visually systematic design.


Now think about the physical, tangible container of your product. Does it have a decent size and shape? Practical functionality? If so, your product is likely to get a favorable impression simply for being useful.

Consider this example: Pinterest Team Gift Kit.

Best Packaging Ideas

The colors are consistent with the brand’s logo, and the presentation is simple yet thoughtful with the decorative paper cushioning the products and ensuring they arrive unharmed. You have a practical tea mug ready for use, a personal Welcome card, and a unique “tea kit buddy” that distinguishes your gift from other companies.

If you’re wondering about a step-by-step packaging for a product, see below:

Best Packaging IdeasBest Packaging Ideas

And voila! By keeping these little details in mind and going the extra mile, you’ve created a better buying experience for your consumer.

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Best Packaging Ideas



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