The Austin Social Scene

From humble beginnings of being crowned the capital of Texas in 1893, Austin’s inclusive spirit and diverse industries have established it as a global destination defined by art, music, politics, and progressive thinking. Led by its eclectic population, Austin serves as middle America’s mosaic of change and creative independence. In the 1970s, artists like Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughn laid the city’s artistic foundation, busting the doors wide open for what is now Austin’s vibrant musical scene. Heralded as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin is home to the annual South by Southwest Music, Arts, and Cinema Festival and the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Image By The Toronto Star


Austin’s unofficial motto is “Keep Austin Weird.” Pair this with the region’s tradition of southern hospitality and an ever-present philosophy of “peace and love” and you’ve got quite a social scene. Austin nights are often characterized as bohemian, with impromptu gatherings and intimate concerts at one of the city’s  nightly live-music venues, where everyone is always welcome.

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The city is peppered with a variety of specialty shops, restaurants, museums, music venues, and a City Hall-punctuated by communal green spaces. Citygram Austin is the city’s mobile magazine. Download a complimentary issue on your smartphone or tablet to get connected to the best local events, restaurants, and boutiques.


It goes without saying that Austin is world-renowned for live music and food trucks, however, the city also has some pretty amazing independent shops as well. This is a place where you can shop your way through boutiques, record stores, book shops, antique collectives, and more. Below is a quick list to get you started on your Austin shopping adventure.

Outdoor Voices Austin Image By New York Times

Outdoor Voices

If you’re into Hip activewear – Outdoor Voices is for you. Austin boasts the boutique’s second location, as the brand’s only other store is located in downtown Manhattan. When you’re there you must try on the 10-panel leggings, as well as the OV collection.


There’s always something new when you’re shopping at Moss. Of course, Austin would have a killer designer consignment shop. The best part is that every piece of clothing and accessories are thoughtfully curated within this bright and clean space, creating an upgraded consignment shopping experience.

End Of An Ear Image By the

End Of An Ear

If record shopping is your goal, then End of an Ear is your go-to. Head here for new releases and classics on vinyl, a 45s selection, and even CDs.

Farewell Books

According to, Farewell books is so much more than books, “this shop is an absolute must-visit for its rotating concept spaces. The store includes a clothing (new, indie designers and good vintage), a gallery, a coffee shop, a pop-up space, and — of course — books, most of which are of the art variety, from ‘zines to coffee table tomes.”

Be sure to check out Social Imprints at SXSW Interactive Booth 301 and keep up with all of our SXSW activities by following  @socialimprintssf  and #BrandWithPurpose.

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