7 Little Known Facts About Austin

  1. Austin Nick Names


•Bat City. <—- Keep Reading. We’ll explain

•The Capitol City <—- That’s right, in case you slept through grade school geography

Austin Texas
Texas Capitol Building Image By Fine Art America

•City of the Violet Crown.

•Hippie Haven.

•”Blueberry in the Red State” <—— You saw the last election

•”Keep Austin Weird” <—— After this list, you’ll understand

•Live Music Capital of the World.

2. Austin is home to about 750,000 bats in spring and summer and up to 1.5 million at the peak of “bat-watching” season. That makes Austin the largest urban bat colony in North America.

Austin Texas
Austin, Texas Skyline Image By goframelessaustin.com

3. Austin is one of the sunniest cities in America. On average the city gets about 300 clear days a year.

4. Austin’s most famous and favorite homeless cross dresser, peace activist, urban outdoorsman, and all around icon of the city, Leslie Cochran, ran for mayor three times, most recently in 2003. He has since passed away RIP, Leslie.

Austin Texas
Leslie Cochran Image By New York Times

5. Austin celebrates weird stuff. There’s Eeyore’s Birthday, the Gorilla Run, and Reggae Fest (formerly Marley Fest).

6. According to movoto.com Austin has its own personal Bigfoot. His name is Hairy Man, and he, of course, lives on Hairy Man Road.

Austin Texas

7. National chain Whole Foods was founded in Austin, in 1978, college dropout John Mackey and Rene Lawson Hardy borrowed $45,000 to open a small natural foods store. Not only did Mackey and Lawson work there, they lived there, too—and supposedly bathed in the Hobart dishwasher. Now, they’ve hit the big time. The Austin 5th and Lamar Whole Foods has a wine bar, various restaurants inside, a clothing area, and a chocolate fountain.

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