6 Things That Keep Austin Weird

Austin is a delightfully weird town. On any given day you can expect to experience bats fly overhead, locals sipping avocado margaritas, and grown men riding unicycles, clad in nothing more than a mere thong. As the adage goes, “from the outside looking in you can never understand it, and from the inside looking out you can never explain it.” So we’re not going to. Instead, we come with open arms, here to embrace the best of what keeps Austin weird.

Keep Austin Weird
Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon Image By thegoodneighborhood.com

Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon

5434 Burnet Rd

Chicken shit is that thing your quick tempered uncle would say when he’s had a few too many brews – if you’re from the south. However, Chicken Shit Bingo is perhaps the most addictive game ever accidentally created by man. According to do512.com “There’s just something downright beautiful about a bird’s pooping pattern defining the outcome of a high-stakes parlor game. As an added bonus, it confirms the rest of the country’s strangest suspicions about what we do for fun.” Reserve a seat for you and your friends at Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon.

Museum Of The Weird

412 E 6th St

Yes, this really does exist. For all things strange, peculiar, or supernatural, the Museum of the Weird is the place for you. There, you will behold a jaw-dropping array of curiosities, the most interesting of which may or may not be the body of a long-deceased yeti. Austin’s Museum of the Weird holds its namesake well and is definitely worth the visit.

Keep Austin Weird
Image By Museum Of The Weird

Full Circle Bar

1810 E 12th St

There is a National Skee-Ball League and you guessed it – it’s in Austin. If you are looking to show off your skills, the Full Circle Bar is home to the Austin chapter of Brewskee-Ball. For those of you who haven’t touched a skeeball since your Chuck-E-Cheese days, now is your time to combine all your childhood arcade fantasies with beer. Full Circle Bar also hosts another southern tradition – cornhole. Tournaments are held weekly in the cornhole garden. And yes, you read that correctly.

Keep Austin Weird
Midnight Cowboy Cocktail Lounge Image By serious eats.com

Midnight Cowboy Cocktail Lounge

313 E 6th St

6th Street has built a strong reputation for nightly shenanigans, and the best place you’ve never heard of would have to be the Midnight Cowboy. The place is a self-proclaimed “relaxing oasis in the midst of the 6th Street liveliness”. This old-school style speakeasy transports you another time. Case and point: you are required to ring a buzzer for entry, and no cell phone usage is allowed inside.


510 S Congress Ave

If you love karaoke, Austin takes it to a whole new level. Our place of choice is Ego’s. This place’s highlights include strong drinks, low prices, and patrons who are all in to belt out the best of Beyonce and other popular tunes.

Keep Austin Weird
Avocado Margarita and Bevo Rita at Curra’s Grill Image By seriouseats.com

Curra’s Grill

614 E Oltorf St

You can never go wrong with flavored margaritas. Strawberry, coconut, mango, pineapple… the options are endless. However, Austin locals have taken it to a whole other level with the creation of the Avocado Margarita. Take it from our friends at do512.com, “You won’t regret it, but you may find yourself craving it constantly.”

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