Promo Apparel That Works For Your Business

Clothes are one of the subtle features that make up our everyday life, and this subtlety makes them an invaluable advertising tool.

Think about it: if you’re out and about running errands one day, and you see someone with a band t-shirt. What does that tell you? Two things: that person is either a fan of the band, or they like the design/logo of the t-shirt. For instance, just because someone is wearing a Nirvana smiley t-shirt doesn’t necessarily mean they know that the alternative smiley face is a symbol for the band.

Promo T-Shirts

The same goes for people wearing company logos. Logo recognition amongst people of all ages has undergone countless scientific studies, revealing that even children as young as 3 years old are able to recognize logos and get affected by advertising.

So, we know promotional apparel is effective. That just leaves one question for you, the promotional expert at your company – which style of clothing works best?

It’s no longer a world of only promotional dress shirts, button-down oxfords or plain t-shirts. Now, there are hoodies, flannels, scarves, vests, visors, pants, sweatpants, and more to consider.

So many clothes to choose from – where do we start?



Well, let’s begin with statistics. According to this 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study:

With over 116 million households in the United States alone, that’s a lot of people wearing promotional gear.

And logo apparel isn’t just for a quiet night at home (or laundry day, in my case). People are wearing them in the office and out in ordinary life. Keep your eyes peeled for any logos subtly winking at you from a t-shirt or pants – you might be surprised how many there are.

Which again draws back to the basic principle of business: building brand awareness.

Here’s another fun fact for you: 3 of the top 5 promotional items in the United States are apparel: specifically caps, outerwear, and shirts.


Now before you go rushing off to Social Imprints and order these three items in bulk, take a pause for the cause.

It’s not just about having the inventory – you have to tailor your apparel to your customers and employees.

To do that, here are 5 simple tips you should follow:

  1. Know your Target Audience

Who is going to be sporting your awesome merchandise? Men? Women? Children? Athletes?

Is your promotional gear exclusive for people within your organization (like those nifty Apple Genius t-shirts), or for everyone?

And how classy are we going? James Bond suit-and-tie classy? Or something more professional for the office? Or something for day to day?

  1. Weather Conditions

If you’re in an area where the weather tends to be on the cooler side, having promotional tank tops or t-shirts aren’t going to be as effective if they’re constantly hidden under layers of clothes.

The solution? Outerwear. Branded sweaters, knit caps, insulated jackets, and hoodies are your friends.

  1. Quantity meets Quality

You’ve got to spend money to make money, as they say. Consider this when choosing the quality of your apparel. Remember, you want people to invest in your company through your clothing, and what helps more than high-quality clothing?

Sure, the production costs may rise, but high-quality clothing can be worn again and again, which increases chances of exposure. Not to mention, people may associate high-quality clothing with a high-quality company.

4. Apparel Options

You’ve got the target audience. You know your area’s weather. You got quality fabric. Now, which style of clothing should you choose?

We’re going to outline the pros of each option for your consideration:

  • T-shirts with logos:
    • The go-to of all brand apparel: t-shirts are able to blend with any combination of styles, fabrics, sizes and colors.
    • They’re cost effective if you’re just starting out.
    • Their design is versatile from fashion T-shirts to performance athletic tees.
  • Promotional Polo shirts:
    • The best of both worlds: half-dressy, half-casual.
    • Ideal for corporate apparel (i.e. the office or golf course).
    • For a high-quality look, consider embroidering a small logo or message on the left.
  • Imprinted Sweatshirts
    • Sweatshirts are the symbol of comfort and relaxation, and fleece makes you feel at home. With that said, you can’t go wrong with the classic hoodie.
    • Outerwear and fleece are the most influential promotional apparel for consumers aged 18 to 44.
  • Branded Outerwear
    • Jackets and vests sporting your company brand are perfect for keeping your logo visible in any kind of weather.
    • If well-made, these items – and your brand – can last forever.
  • Personalized Headwear
    • We all know people who always wear hats. That’s where headwear comes in.
    • Hats are not only eye-catching but useful in blocking harsh sun rays or protecting from the rain.
    • With that said, hats can be worn year-round, thus always presenting your brand front and center.
    • Popular styles are baseball caps and visors.
  1. Trends.

Channel your inner fashion guru and keep up to date with trends. Is minimalist design in? Or sleeveless tops? By making your clothing modern with the times, it’ll be more attractive and useful, thus leading people to wear it more often.

Remember our mantra of the day: Excellent promotional apparel builds brand awareness.

With all the styles out there, there’s bound to be one that speaks to your soul. Remember these 5 tips and feel free to Get a Quote from us, and we’ll help your branding dreams come true.






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