Secrets To Selecting The Perfect Swag

It’s difficult. With so many Swag options out there, how do you know what piece of promotional branding is right for you?

Make sure your swag is headed in the right direction with these tips.


For starters, whatever you choose, it all begins with the design. Always aim to choose a design that will make your brand stand out from the crowd. If you’re at a tradeshow, keep in mind what appeals to your target demographic and what will ultimately catch their eye. It’s important that your design also sparks curiosity and engage the viewer.


Remember, you won’t always be there to explain your brand. If an employee or consumer has your promotional swag, you want the design to be representative of your product or service.

Company Culture & Values

After you select your design, it’s time to think about your company’s culture and values. Does your company have a laid back atmosphere? Do you have a younger core demographic of customers, or are you a high-end brand that wants exclusive promotional pieces?

Younger consumers may translate to focusing on swag that’s fun and lighthearted, such as t-shirts or hoodies. For employee empowerment, backpacks and company polos are a great option, especially for wear outside the office. Knowing your brand and what it represents is the best way to create unique, custom swag.


It’s also important to consider the quality and longevity of each item. You don’t want to produce something that doesn’t have a long lifespan or gets ruined after one wash. If your company values quality, make sure that is reflected in your swag.


Determining how much you want to allocate to bumping up your promotional branding is essential. Once you’ve set aside how much you’re willing to spend, it’s important you get an item price sheet. Pens are cheaper to produce than t-shirts. Hoodies and polo fleece will cost you a little extra. Figure out your budget, then price out your items accordingly.

Standing Out

Whatever swag you pick, follow the cardinal rule: create something that stands out. Think back to the tradeshow example. What would make your brand stand out in a room full of people?


Lyft’s former Pink Mustache is a great example because it was unforgettable. A big, pink and fuzzy mustache, placed on the front of a driver’s car. How could you not gravitate to a brand message like that?
Still in search of the perfect promotion? We’re here to help.


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