4 Creative ways to stand out with your promo products

The all elusive swag… what is it and how do we get it? As defined by Merriam- Webster swag is “something (as a decoration) hanging in a curve between two points….” but– we all know it’s about a little bit more. Swag is all about style, being seen, and standing out.

Everyone tries it, and only a few get it. How do you go from boring company merch to company merch your employees wear on the weekends that keeps employee engagement and morale at an all time high?

Some tips:

Know your culture.

Before you get started, know who you’re talking to. Are you recruiting young techies in hoodies or seasoned financiers in suits? We sit down with our clients and get to the nitty gritty of who you really are. How do your logo, branding, and design speak to your employees?

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Get catchy

Gone are the days where availability, cost, and resources limited companies to one or two designs a year — embrace it. As the weather warms and we take team outings to the great outdoors, pair those t-shirts with something they’ll actually use; like double lined water bottles. S’well bottles are all the rage right now- and with reason: They keep your hot drinks hot all day and chill them all day! It is something they’ll be sure to use over and over again in and out of the office, all while promoting your brand everywhere they go.

Is there something your team calls themselves? Get t-shirts with a funny slogan. Now more than ever you can align yourself with a trending topic, artist, or inside company joke and quickly wear it on your sleeve.

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Answer the call- aka -when you see something, do something.

Does is seem that suddenly everyone is calling out sick? Is the office filled with people coughing, sneezing and ingesting DayQuil like it’s candy? Be proactive. This happens every year so why not be prepared? Branded hand sanitizer is a perfect solution or even sick kits for those employees under the weather. Getting better never felt so good. Team productivity will be going up in no time, and that morale: out the roof!

Be memorable

If a tree falls and no one hears it, did it even fall? What good is understanding your culture, answering the call and getting catchy if no one knows about it…? Solution: Be memorable. We had this challenge a couple years ago designing the Crunchies award for Techcrunch. From the award design to the interactive atmosphere and post event party, it had to be personal and especially memorable. The key to being memorable with swag is personalization. As attendees curiously gathered around our various pop-ups, they were engaged in not only the on-site printing process but also the finished product – custom t-shirts and posters. Surprise and delight? Check and check.

Want more ideas? Talk to one of our account managers, they’re always on hand, and always ready to help you find the perfect branding solution.



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