6 Creative Packaging Trends of 2017

You never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Can you recall a time when you made an impulse purchase that you didn’t need? What about it drew you in? Most likely the packaging was a key “attract-er” factor. Engaging packaging draws attention, sends a message and immediately makes a connection with the consumers. After all, the true purpose of packaging, when done correctly and creatively, is ultimately to sell your product.

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So what are great ways to approach creative packaging?


Patterns can play a vital role in branding. Whether you’re aiming for increased brand recognition or you want to bring a simple logo to life, you may want to consider a pattern along the way. Patterns help create a strong memorable impression with users. In some cases, patterns can become even more recognizable than actual logos!

Go Modern

Sleek, modern, simple designs go a long way. Using clean lines, adding simple colors plus a classic font are all elements to help achieve a modern look. Even in some cases, a modern packaging design can make an item gender neutral and help your product draw interest with consumers.


Storytelling is a Must!

In today’s world, storytelling is critical for brand success. If you can tell a story with your packaging, you’re doing your brand a favor. Consumers love relatable stories. Incorporating a story into your brand can help a customer uncover information they may have never known, otherwise. Everyone loves a good a story. Storytelling on packaging is an art that the best brands understand, utilize, and execute with ease.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.08.29 PM.png

Think Color

Color is everywhere and it has a big impact on our moods and emotions. Color in packaging has always been around. Think about it. Black or gold is usually associated with luxury brands. While high-end tech products are often deliberately packaged in minimalist black or white. If you already have a colorful product, take from that and accent the bright colors in your packaging to help it stand out on the shelf.

Make it what it is

Be literal. That always helps. If you have a product that is oddly shaped, playing into that element adds a three-dimensional aspect to your packaging. For example, if you have a banana scented lotion, maybe packaging it into a banana-shaped bottle would work. It helps explains what the product is and draws curiosity.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.15.13 PM.png

Make it Beautiful

Creating packaging that is eye appealing adds continued depth to your product. People love beautiful things. Let your passion for your brand shine through is always the key to success.


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