3 Money Saving Promotional Products Tips

Custom branded promotional products remain an effective way to garner customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and keep positive company culture through enhanced employee engagement. However, these products can also be costly. Balance both your internal and external branding efforts with these 3 steal worthy secrets to saving money while making the most of your promotional products.

Plan Ahead

Everyone’s guilty of a little procrastination every now and then, but the print industry is definitely the world where you don’t want to wait until the last minute. Plan in advance to avoid rush charges and express shipping costs, which can nearly double the original cost of your order.  By planning in advance, you have the time to compare product offerings, order the correct quantities, and take advantage of lower shipping costs.

promotional products

Buy In Bulk

Get the most bang for your buck by purchasing promotional products in bulk. This is almost always cheaper than buying in smaller quantities. Look at the cost that you are paying per item and observe how much prices drop as you increase your order. Most companies have established minimums as well. For instance, the minimum garment order for screen printing or embroidery is typically 72 pieces. Additionally, many companies offer free or reduced shipping with a minimum purchase order.

Consider the Big Picture

Since you have to spend the money, you also want to make sure you put your investment to good use. Think about going beyond haphazardly purchasing products and consider developing a merchandising plan. Many print shops offer consultation services to assist you in choosing promotional items that are both practical, useful, and occasion specific.


product consultation

It’s also important to choose products of moderate quality. Even if it means spending a bit more money, you want your product to positively represent your company. Don’t only look at the numbers: strategize for the big picture.


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