5 Steps to Building Great Customer Loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty

Learning how to retain your customers and keep them engaged can be an arduous task, especially if you serve niche markets. Building trust with your community is an immediate step towards keeping your customers loyal, both to the frequency of using your service and to choosing your company over a competitor. A strong loyalty strategy can make all the difference in building an active and happy customer base.

We have created a guide to help you getting started with your own loyalty program. Follow our 5 steps to help boost your customer loyalty and increase your sales volumes.


  1. Create a personal welcome.

A branded welcome message is the foundation of any loyalty program. Establishing a strong sense of community from the first interaction is paramount to creating a level of communication beyond leading customers to their first sale. GearLaunch keeps their message brief with a distinct call-to-action: directing their partners to follow and share their welcome gifts on social media.

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  1. Organize gifts into tiers.

Creating a series of steps or levels for your community to reach adds a fun complexity to your customer experience. Setting tiers is a common strategy to keep customers excited about becoming a top member or completing a series of steps. Structure your gifts to increase in value as customers reach a new goal in their journey.

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  1. Utilize bonuses and access rewards.

Depending on the lifecycle of your customers and the particular service or business, you can provide levels of access to reward your community, in addition to gifts. For smaller businesses, gestures like creating virtual communities where individuals can engage with each other or receive first access or notification to new products and services is a low-cost way of gaining loyalty with dedicated customers. For larger companies, giving VIP access to meetups and events, giving one-on-one sessions to speak directly with the CEO, and providing a portion of a service for free are a few ways to provide perks to clients and consumers.

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  1. Create a visual experience or map.

Once you’ve created the tiers for your loyalty program, you can think about ways to display your steps or levels. Successful loyalty programs like Virgin America’s Elevate Frequent Flyer program stick to traditional themes like metals, gems, and stones (Gold, Silver, and Platinum) for their visuals. More creative and interactive layouts can resemble maps that outline the levels and benefits of the rewards. If your loyalty strategy focuses on an onboarding process, you can create a progress bar or circle to represent the completion of the program.


  1. Partner with a full service promotional merchandising company.

Purchasing your favorite items from multiple printing companies can be a hassle, especially with shipping items to your customers when they arrive. Partnering with a company that offers e-commerce solutions, printing, and fulfillment like Social Imprints will save time, money, and give your program structure. Once your products are created, it is a quick process to build a digital storefront and share links for customers to place an order for their loyalty rewards. In addition, finishing services like packing and shipping are covered by the merchandising company, which means your loyalty program can operate more efficiently with only one partner.

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