DocuSign Expands Impact With Social Imprints

Since 2003, DocuSign has emerged as one of the most innovative technology companies in the world. Having raised over $443 million in financing, DocuSign’s capabilities include authentication services, user identity management, and workflow automation. DocuSign is now the leader in electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services for the purpose of expediting electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents. Here at Social Imprints, we are excited to announce that DocuSign has selected us as their exclusive promotional products provider.


“We are very excited to be working with DocuSign on branded merchandise. The company represents the best in both technology and corporate social responsibility,” said Social Imprints’ Co-Founder, Kevin McCracken.

DocuSign has a long track record of partnering with socially conscious and community minded businesses. When it came to selecting their vendor, DocuSign entered the process with a two-fold goal. Firstly, they wanted to streamline the process of ordering swag and make it easier for employees to represent the brand. DocuSign found that answer in Social Imprints’ one-stop production and fulfillment services and, voila, the DocuSign Swag Shop was born. Lastly, DocuSign wanted to find a company that shared their passion and commitment to corporate social responsibility.


“We actually have a foundation that we started called Impact. Its sole mission, its sole purpose is to give back and to make sure that we can use our time, energy, and resources to help in the community,” said Russell Robinson, DocuSign Brand Manager.

Since it’s inception, just over a year ago, DocuSign has collaborated with numerous San Fransisco and Seattle-based charities. Most recently, DocuSign participated in a huge beach cleanup.

This new partnership is an exciting venture for both Social Imprints and DocuSign. Amy Skeeter-Behrens, Executive Director of DocuSign IMPACT, said, “Working with a social enterprise like Social Imprints is an extension of our DocuSign IMPACT program, in which we look to positively impact communities through our people, our product, and our business.”

“By choosing Social Imprints as a partner, DocuSign takes this commitment a step further, and chooses to spend their money with a social enterprise, helping to make a difference right here in San Francisco,” said Kevin McCracken, at a recent DocuSign print party held at Social Imprints.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with DocuSign as we team up and continue to brand with purpose.


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