Party With A Purpose

With the holidays fast approaching, we here at Social Imprints decided to take a little time out to focus on what’s really important. For us, that means recognizing our customers, vendors, staff, and wonderful Bay Area community that make it possible for us to continue to run a successful social enterprise.  We could think of no better way to say thanks than with an “Iconic San Francisco” themed Halloween party.


For this shindig, we knew popping music, ridiculously delicious food, and a fun environment, where costumes were strongly encouraged was a must. There was just one last essential to cover.


DocuSign sponsors were one with “The Force” for Halloween. 


This event needed to be a party with a purpose. In short, fun and games for a great cause. Thanks to our amazing co-sponsors DocuSign, Marine Layer,, and Trinet, as well as donations from our top vendors Alpha Border, Gemline, and S&S Activewear, we were able to have top notch raffle, with proceeds going to benefit local non-profit, Taking It To The Street San Francisco.


The Social Imprints team and guests.


“Their primary purpose of existence is to get homeless youth off the street of the Haight, and they’ve totally transformed the blocks between Beuno Vista Park and Golden Gate Park,” said Social Imprints’ COO, Kevin McCracken.

Taking It To The Streets
Taking It To The Streets youth participants.

Taking It To The Streets San Francisco empowers homeless youth to lead better lives by providing a continuum of workforce readiness, job skills training, personal mentoring, safe housing, and other services to support self- sufficiency.

“They have a graffiti abatement program, [and] street sweeping program that allows homeless youth to come in daily, weekly, or whatever their schedule is and in return they get housing in San Francisco,” explained McCracken.

Since being established two years ago, Taking It To The Streets has already made a tremendous impact.

“We have 61 kids in the program and 23 of them have full-time jobs, the rest clean the streets five days a week, six hours a day. We’ve helped 115 kids get permanently off the streets since October of 2014. We have transformed the entire upper Haight. We take care of 70 city blocks,” said Christian Calinsky, Co-Founder of Taking it to the streets.

Taking It To The Streets is an organization that is very near and dear to the hearts of our Social Imprints family.

“Christian and I used to live on the street in the Mission together. We also had a couple of fights, but that’s another story for another time,” mused McCracken. “Only in San Francisco can these kinds of things happen as far as I’m concerned. This is the kind of city where there’s creativity and a love and a passion for what we do that is beyond anything I’ve seen.”

To donate, volunteer, or just learn more about Taking It To The Streets, check out


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