Social Spotlight: Patrick S.

We are excited to welcome Patrick into our Social Imprints family. Commonly known as P-Swizzle, here, around the office, Patrick is a pretty great addition to our team. Formerly,  a music industry product and e-commerce manager, Patrick has worked with legends like Metallica, true story. We’re not bragging or anything, but we’re very happy to have a guy like him bring his wealth of experience and information to our organization.

Q: What do you do at Social Imprints?

–          Webstores Manager – Develop, Built, and Maintain Client webstores.

Q: What are your top 5 favorite bands?

–          Jay Farrar (Uncle Tupelo / Son Volt)

–          The White Buffalo

–          Ride

–          Anything released on Stax Records.

–          Kris Kristofferson

Q: What is the best project you ever worked on at Social Imprints and why?

–          They are all my favorites… Building the new webstore for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Reasearch has been rewarding. They are a great organization, with a great mission.

Q: If you were not working at Social Imprints and could do anything in the world, what would you be doing/do next?

–          Living on a farm in the Pacific Northwest – making furniture, building cars and playing drums in a bar band.


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